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At the Water's Edge

The sun slowly drops into the water, and feeble rays of sunlight cast long shadows of masts and sails on the rickety dock. The breeze coming off the water gently cools my sun-burned face. I close my eyes, and I drink in the humid air. I should have gone in hours ago, but there’s something about being right next to the water that draws me in, that beckons me to stay.

So many of life’s lessons can be learned at the edge of a dock. Watching the gentle waves reminds me of the Lord’s goodness. His lovingkindness never ends, and He will wash over me wave after wave. When I make a mistake, He doesn’t change—the waves don’t stop—I do. I have to make sure I don’t stop, because I have to trust that He won’t.

The tremendous power of the water reminds me how small and insignificant I really am. The only way I can make a substantial change to that expanse of water is repeatedly making consistent movements. If I persevere, then it can take me across the expanse of water where I want to go. If I give up, or if I stop, the water will consume me. In the same way, I also can’t tread water forever. I have to move in one direction or another. If I don’t reach shore at some point, then I will tire out and drown.

And drowning isn’t the only horrific thing that could happen on the water. There are unknown dangers lurking just beneath the surface. Will those dangers—or the possibility of failure—prevent me from jumping in—or trying something new? I have found that the answer must be no. I cannot let hidden dangers—or fear—prevent me from becoming all that God has created me to be.

The steadfastness of the Lord's love, the perseverance I must have, the faith regardless of circumstances are just the few lessons I've learned next to the water. But I don't want to stay next to the water. I want to be called out upon the water. The Hillsong United song, Oceans, speaks about how God "call[s] me out upon the waters/ The great unknown where feet may fail/ And there I find You in the mystery/ In oceans deep/ My faith will stand."

I want the Lord to call me out upon the water, just like He called Peter in Matthew 14. I want to keep my eyes on the Lord. I don't want to be "ye of little faith." I want to be of great faith. When fear surrounds me, I want my gaze affixed to the Lord. When the storm is upon me, I want Jesus to hold out His hand to me and keep me safe. I want to walk in that faith every day. 


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